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Dwyer Longbows is your resource for unique, and customized, traditional archery supplies. 

Our Longbow Models

News from the Dwyers...   

PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE MESSAGE....WE ARE NOT QUITING!  We are just taking a necessary pause.

We are currently not accepting new bow orders.     

After careful consideration of our many customers that have placed their confidence in us...we have decided to take a moratorium on new orders and shoots/shows for the balance of 2017.  

We will re-evaluate our order situation in 2018, when we are caught up.

We will add stock bows to our website, as we produce them, but our primary focus will be, and needs to be, on taking care of our current customers and their orders.  

If you have questions or concerns about your order, please call. 


Custom Pricing Information

Each of our bows are custom made with great care. We help you customize your bow after talking with you to learn your wood, pricing or other preferences for your bow. Your final investment will be modified depending on your choice of woods and enhancements, our Original Longbow, Defiant and Dauntless models have an initial investment of $550. The newest bow model, our Endeavor, has a base price of $600. Each bow has Riser and Tip standard overlays along with a leather grip. Each purchase includes a stringer, a string keeper and a bow sock. Quivers and other Accessories are available. Our Price List is available for you to download.

Here's where you start

Each of our bow models, wood choices and accessories will delight the most discerning traditional archery enthusiast. Our Longbow Models are customized to match your unique tastes - let's get started by selecting the Original Dwyer Longbow model, the Defiant, the Dauntless, or the Endeavor.