Bows in Stock

"The Dwyer bowyers are always crafting a custom longbow."

Here you will find a display of the longbows we currently have in stock.If you are looking for more information, please check out the Longbow Models or contact us.







62" 51#  Longbow   RH  (SOLD)

Curly Ash limbs with a Bamboo corewood.  Riser is Osage with red accents

Price $575

58" 65#  Endeavor   RH  (SOLD)

All Bamboo limbs with Karelian Birch veneers.  Riser is Purpleheart.

Price $775


66" 56#  Longbow   RH  (SOLD)

All Bamboo limbs with black glass on the back and white glass on the belly with a black pin stripe under the glass and a red fadeout lamination.  Riser is African Blackwood.  CLICK ON PHOTO TO ENLARGE!

Price $825