Bows in Stock

"The Dwyer bowyers are always crafting a custom longbow."

Here you will find a display of the longbows we currently have in stock.If you are looking for more information, please check out the Longbow Models or contact us.

Our Price List is available for you to download. It shows our customized bow pricing formula, products, their pricing and more wood choices.

58" 43#  Endeavor  -  SOLD

Ash with a Bamboo core wood and an Osage riser.

Price $625

62" 50#  Dauntless  (LH) - SOLD

Curly Ash with a Bamboo core wood.  Riser is Cocobolo with a Simple Arch.

Price $650

62" 46# Dauntless - SOLD

All Bamboo limbs with Zebra veneers and an African Blackwood & Maple 50/50 riser.

Price $810

62" 37# Defiant  -  SOLD

All Bamboo limbs with Paldao veneers and a Bocote riser

Price $725

58" 45#  Endeavor - SOLD   

All Bamboo limbs with grey stained Quilted Maple veneers.  Riser is African Blackwood.

Price $850