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Choose from The Original Longbow, The Defiant, The Dauntless, or The Endeavor models, custom crafted with your choice of wood.

Dwyer Longbows is your resource for unique, and customized, traditional archery supplies. You choose from one of our 4 unique model profiles, the Original Longbow, the Defiant, the Dauntless, or the Endeavor. Each bow is individually handcrafted by our bowyers, Dave and Corey, from the finest exotic and domestic hardwoods. We put a little piece of ourselves in each of our longbows and we take great pride in the high quality of our finished bow hunting product.

After selecting your longbow model, it will be custom made from your choice of wood. Our discerning customers, like you, most frequently request common limb woods such as Ash, Bamboo, Maple, Osage and Yew. Some of the most requested riser woods are - Bocote, CocoBolo, and Ebony. We will help you select a wood that will let you express your unique appreciation of woods' grain, color, and performance in a bow. Don't worry, if you don't see a wood listed here, contact us for more possibilities.

(L-R) Quilted Maple, Kingwood, Red Cedar, Tulip Wood, Unstained White Ash, Yew, Amber Bamboo, (Natural) Action Bamboo, Stained Ash

Enhance your longbow with veneers, fadeout laminations, extra overlays or special arches and wood combinations in the riser.

Pricing information is available for you on our Contact Us page.  Call if you need more information or are ready to begin customizing your choice of longbow.

Quivers and other Accessories are available for you.