Basket Quivers

basket-quivers.jpgDwyer Basket Quivers are woven with rattan - a durable reed from Indonesia. The reed is dyed with Dwyer custom colors and protected with an oil base stain. Our stock Quivers vary in color and patterns. You can also custom order your Quiver. You will find basket quivers in a "back" or "side/belt" style. The back quiver's sturdy leather strap is adjustable for size. The side quiver is adjustable for customizing the basket's tilt. The large basket easily holds 12 or more arrows and the small basket holds 8-10 arrows. The extra large basket holds 24 or more arrows. Our Basket Quivers are easily worn and used by both right and left-handed archers.

Our basket quivers are being used by our customers today at archery ranges, rendezvous camps and as home decorations.

Basket Quiver:
      Back Style: Small, Large $70. Extra Large $80
      Side/Belt Style: Small $70 (Looped to be worn on a belt)

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Please note:  We are happy to provide you with a custom designed basket quiver for $90. Contact us for more information.

Side Style Quiver